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COVID-19 Policy & Pledges

Focus 4 Fitness "We" want our clients, both existing and new, to be reassured that safety is our number one priority. We want our clients to be able to trust in us to deliver the service they have come to expect, but with every precaution taken to do this without putting you or us in uneccesary risk. Therefore please read the following policy and pledge which outlines the steps we are taking, what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.​

  • We have put in place a COVID-19 pre session screening form to monitor the health of our clients, to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

  • Upon any symptoms of COVID-19, we will be deferring any sessions/treatments until it is safe and medically evidenced that the session/treatment can take place.

  • If a session/treatment is cancelled or deferred by either party as a result of COVID-19, we will not be charging for the session/treatment as a result of this. 

  • We will be adhering to guidelines produced by the NHS, government and the Federation of Holistic Therapies "FHT" regarding safe practice, hygienic practice and the use of any PPE.

  • We now have seperate processes for personal training sessions and sports therapy treatments which go into more detail about the processes in place for each of those services.

  • Personal training sessions will be conducted within a marked zone to maintain social distancing protocol. Air purification and fans will be maintaining clean and fresh air flow throughout the clinic space. As social distancing can be maintained, wearing your mask is optional.

  • Sports therapy sessions will be conducted for 30 or 60 minutes depending on the treatment. If needing treatment to the front of the body or to shoulders, neck and upper back, clients MUST wear their facemask, due to the inability to maintain social distance.

  • Sessions/treatments will have an hour in between to allow us to carry out enhanced hygiene protocols between clients and ensure that clients aren’t leaving and arriving at the same time.

  • All areas have been deep cleaned and reduced to minimal equipment needed to carry out sessions/treatments. Plastic boxes are storing essential tools and materials and to make cleaning in between sessions easier.

  • Items cleaned after each session/treatment include:

  1. therapy table & tools

  2. therapy room floor, studio floor and hallway floor and walls

  3. all door handles and locks

  4. any exercise equipment used/touched

  5. sanitiser bottles and pump

  6. chair outside clinic if used

  7. pens (if used)

  8. payment terminal (if not a contactless payment).


 Our pledge to you

We will...

  • Check we are in good health before you arrive for your session/treatment.

  • Wash our hands and use hand sanitiser before your session/treatment.

  • Follow guidelines on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Disinfect non-porous materials, e.g. massage couch and equipment.

  • Wash porous materials e.g. pillowcases, sheets and towels.

  • Ventilate the office/studio/treatment room and entrance hall.

  • Change our tunic/top/apron if needed.

  • Wear durable, disposable gloves when cleaning the premises.

  • Maintain social distancing before and after the treatment.

Your pledge to us

You will...

  • Complete a short COVID-19 pre screening consultation form and read & sign our COVID-19 warning and waiver. New clients will also be sent a new client intake form.

  • Contact Focus 4 Fitness and re-schedule if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, or if any person in your household is self-isolating.

  • Attend your session alone where possible.

At your session/treatment:

  • Bring a change of clothes appropriate to your session. Please do not arrive in just your kit - either bring it clean to change into or have it underneath another item/s of clothing.

  • Bring a drink or bottle of water for your refreshment - we can no longer provide this for you.

  • Arrive 5 minutes before the agreed appointment time and ensure social distancing before and after the session/treatment.

  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser upon arrival.

  • Follow guidelines on the use of PPE.

  • Follow signage in the clinic about where to change, where to leave belongings and what to bring into the clinic with you.

  • Pay by card or other cashless method, where possible.

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