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Getting to your appointment is easy but please save the contact number to your phone and read the following carefully (07904975084).


Upon arrival, please stay in your car and let us know you are outside. If you are cycling or on foot, please let us know when you are on Redfern Road. We kindly ask visitors not to ring the bell or knock on the door as we want to keep the dogs calm for your arrival.


The Focus 4 Fitness treatment room is now located at 21 Redfern Road in Norwich, NR7 9RB.

Park on the drive but please park on the left or right side, not in the middle!

We are served by the number 24 bus from Norwich. Please contact us for further information on which bus stop to use.

Please be aware: we have 3 dogs who will be closed away when you enter and exit the house.


We make every effort to keep all areas completely clear of any trace of hair but if you have allergies or concerns about your treatment, please let us know.

If you get lost or are having trouble finding us, text or call - 07904975084. 
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