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Sports Therapy

Sports therapy & massage at Focus 4 Fitness is about making a positive difference to your body - quite simply we want you to leave in a better state than when you arrived. Injury, persistent niggles, muscular imbalances, postural weaknesses and general aches & pains impact sporting performance and life in general. We combine lots of methods to make this happen including traditional oil based deep tissue massage but also oil free techniques including trigger point release, acupressure massage & neuromuscular stretching. And don't worry, our assessments, aftercare and homework are in addition to your table time, not instead of so the extra information never costs you treatment time.

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Your Sports Therapist - Rob Sears
Rob has been a sports therapist since 2004 and has worked for top private health clubs and gyms in London and Surrey. He has worked with a wide range of clients dealing with a wider range of injuries, imbalances, weaknesses, not always sport related. As an athlete and personal trainer, Rob has superior knowledge of movement, strength & conditioning which compliments his therapy treatments and means he is capable of developing extensive rehabilitation plans to effectively manage an individual back to normal in a safe and timely manner.

Rob is one of a select few level 5 massage therapists in the UK. Having trained extensively through university and top massage schools in the UK, sports therapy with Focus 4 Fitness puts you in safe hands.

Rob has almost 11,000 clinic hours logged to date.

Rob works on a 1:1 basis in his home treatment room in Norwich to give clients a private, comfortable and exclusive space to effectively rehabilitate. 
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2022 Prices

1 x 30 minute session - £20.00
1 x 60 minute session - £35.00
5 x 60 minute sessions - £160.00
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