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February 28, 2019

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Client Spotlight - Scott Butters

April 2, 2018


We fall, but we get up because the ground is no place for a champion - Dustin Poirier, UFC Fighter.



It hasn’t been easy for our sponsored athlete, Scott ‘Superman’ Butters. A trained MMA fighter and BJJ blue belt, rising to the top of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has always been Scott’s end goal. However, two severe injuries meant there was the possibility of having to give up his dream entirely.


A ruptured lateral collateral ligament (LCL) during training left Scott unable to walk, with very limited movement in his knee. It meant he had to relinquish the LFC Lightweight Title he had previously attained as he was unable to defend it. After recovering from knee surgery, Scott suffered a broken nose and septal haematoma.


Doctors were concerned that an air pocket in his nose could potentially move into his brain if he was hit in the face again. It was drained from the break and 18 months later Scott was cleared to get back to training and competing. After a year and a half out, Scott had one thing on his mind – to enter the professional rankings.


Scott was offered his chance at making his pro debut at Contenders 21 on Saturday 4th November 2017, where he was the main event, fighting against Yohan Salvador. Scott predicted a TKO victory by way of elbows and that’s exactly what the Dereham local delivered.


Scott signed with Focus 4 Fitness shortly after winning his first pro fight as he looked to add a sports therapist to his team. In what promises to be a busy 2018, which includes a continued climb in the pro rankings and the search for another title, we wanted to hear from the man himself as he prepares for his next fight at Contenders 23 in April.


“I'm currently 4 weeks out from my next fight. Training to this point has been great, working on every aspect of my game, and constantly evolving. Currently I work a 70-80-hour week as a scaffolder, and fitting family life, work life and training can get a bit manic.


This was why I wanted a sports therapist on board - keeping my body supple, in top condition and to help me recover from my hectic schedule. If I neglect my body then I’m unable to train, and if I’m unable to train I’m not giving myself the best chance of making it to the top.


I’ve always struggled with my diet and hitting competition weight is an issue that affects lots of fighters. Stepping in with professionals meant I needed my weight to be on point. I’ve been supported by Nutribox Meals, who supply me with food which is designed to give me what I need. They work everything out, so I just need to heat it up and eat it. Nutrition can be a minefield, so it saves me so much time having someone else do it all for me. I’m feeling strong and my energy this camp has been consistent.


Max Bateman, my coach and strength trainer has been working me harder than ever in the gym! We have also been working together on my strategy to prepare for another dangerous European fighter. I always focus on myself more than my opponent, but I respect my opposition and you have to take every fighter seriously. If I can do what I do, to the best of my ability, I'm confident I can come away with the win.


My next opponent is tall so standing and striking with him will not be as easy as my last bout. But that should make it easier for me to utilise my wrestling and get the fight to the floor. Whether standing or on the ground, I'm looking forward to putting on another great show for my fans and the crowd”.


Tickets for Contenders 23, April 28th are still available from Scott, either via his Facebook page or mobile - 07712417927. Quote Focus 4 Fitness you will receive 10% discount.



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