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Top Tips To Avoid Lower Leg Injuries

February 28, 2019

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Client Spotlight - Tracey Goodrum

March 2, 2018


Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right - Henry Ford.



Tracey was already active when we met. She came in for a sports massage as she was suffering with some leg issues from running. During the next few sessions we talked about running and training in general. Tracey felt stuck in a rut and she was going nowhere fast - her running was inconsistent and she was getting little injuries and niggles.


"I’ve struggled over the years to stay motivated, joining various gyms in Norwich where I’d stay motivated for a while, then miss a workout, one missed workout would turn into one missed week, then a month and I’d eventually cancel my membership. After a while, I would rejoin the gym but the same cycle would repeat itself.

I was the same with my diet. I’d been an on/off member of Weight Watchers for 11 years. I found I was reaching my goal only to put it back on once I’d stopped going. I would re-join every January though!"

From talking to Tracey I could see the potential she had to achieve more than she was and I could also see there was a bigger problem affecting her motivation. It's a very common problem that many of us face at some point - a loss of direction. It quickly became apparent that Tracey lacked purpose in her training. She was churning out sessions but not really knowing why. Training sessions were not focused on a goal because there was no goal.


One of my favourite things about starting a journey with a new client is the moment they realise anything is possible. People always think that they know they can't do something. If you are not a coach or a trainer, how do you know what is possible? How do you know what you can't do? As Tracey soon learnt, she didn't know what was possible. She didn't know what she could or couldn't achieve. My job was to help her find out!


"I had picked up an injury while I was training and decided I wanted to do something to help with my recovery and improve my running. My first training session we sat in the studio and talked about my goals. We talked about all the possibilities and as I enjoyed running I decided on a half marathon. Having not been very sporty at school this was a big deal for me. It was June 2017 when we decided to go for it but I was still injured - how could I be ready in time?".

Tracey has not looked back since that first session. In April Tracey will be running Norwich half marathon.


"I’m a different person now. I enjoy my sessions, always mixing things up so my body is always guessing, not knowing what it’ll be doing from one week to the next.


So far Tracey has lost over half a stone in weight to help her improve her running performance and improved her 10km time by five and a half minutes. Strength is up, confidence is up and motivation continues to grow as Tracey takes on more and more. What's next?


"My future goals, providing I enjoy Norwich half, is to get a few more half marathons under my belt, one being the Dublin Rock and Roll half marathon, before maybe just maybe a full marathon which is something I would never even have contemplated in the past!"





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