Online Classes

We offer 2 options - Pay As You Go or Subscription.

PAYG: Simply pay for your classes as you go. Pay by midnight the night before your class, receive the Zoom ID & Passcode and join the class when it opens. No subscription needed BUT you miss out on the Class Pass Subscription benefits listed below.


To buy your PAYG classes (£3 a class) CLICK HERE.

CLASS PASS SUBSCRIPTIONS: Pay for your classes monthly, quarterly or annually. Not only is this an easier way to access EVERY live class (10 a week), it's cheaper (if you do 5+ classes a month), and it gives you access to these exclusive benefits:

  • 24/7 access to over 300 recorded classes (150 hours of training)

  • A monthly 15 minute 'PROGRESS CONSULTATION' with Rob or Loren

  • Access to the WhatsApp group

  • 10% discount on blocks of 10 sessions (personal training & sports therapy).

To subscribe to a MONTHLY CLASS PASS (£15 a month via PayPal or Stripe) CLICK HERE.

To buy a QUARTERLY OR ANNUAL CLASS PASS (£40 or £145 via standing order) CLICK HERE.

Our 30 Minute Classes:

BURN - All about the burn! A mixture of bodyweight strength and cardio to give you a total body workout. Sessions like this improve fitness, strength and endurance.


CORE - Focused attention on the abdominals, obliques and lower back muscles. Core strength provides the foundation for fitness and should not be neglected.

ENERGISE - What better way to kick off your day than with a quick 15-minute energy boost? It is scientifically proven that movement is the best way to get your mind and body in peak state. This is a non impact session designed to mobilise, stretch and move you! 

PILATES - Fantastic session to develop enhanced muscular control, balanced strength, improved flexibility, posture and mind-body connection.


RECOVER - This session will help you learn how to recover from training, improve mobility, increase flexibility & get more out of your training.


RPM - Want an intense cardiovascular workout without the impact? RPM will allow you to push your limits, legs and cardio using any indoor bike setup.


STRENGTH - Grab some weights and get ready for some upper and lower body resistance training. Build and tone muscle using a variety of training methods and techniques.


WEEKEND WARRIOR - ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! We take fitness, strength, core & cardio, mix it all together and give you a fast paced workout. Make sure you plan this session into your weekend!

Live Class Schedule:

RECOVER - Tuesday @ Midday.

CORE - Tuesday @ 12.45pm.

STRENGTH - Tuesday @ 7.15pm.

PILATES - Tuesday @ 8.00pm.

STRENGTH - Thursday @ 9.15am.

BURN - Friday @ 8.30am.

CORE - Friday @ 9.15am.

RPM - Friday @ 7.30pm.

WEEKEND WARRIOR - Saturday @ 10.30am.

ENERGISE - Monday @ 7.15am.