Our Online Classes

Join our live classes with Rob or Loren or do them on demand 24/7. We record every class so you can access them anytime, any place, as often as you like! 


Simply buy a class pass using PayPal or set up a standing order and join us live on the Zoom App via your mobile, iPad or laptop.

Once you have your class pass you will be able to access the 'Do A Live Class' page which shows the live class schedule. Make a note of the ID & Password for the classes you want to do and come join usIf you miss the live class, check out the On Demand pages, find the class you want to do and away you go!

We currently offer 9 x 30 minute LIVE classes every week!

At just £15 a month, we believe our classes offer fantastic value for money and are an ideal solution to for those wanting to train at home, at a time that suits them and can easily be scaled up or down depending on your current abilities.

And if you are an existing or potential new personal training or sports therapy client, our class pass holders now get 10% off any block of 5 or 10 training sessions!

*****Please note - participants in these sessions are responsible for themselves while training remotely. Focus 4 Fitness assumes no liability for any injuries or accidents caused by these workouts. Please train to your ability and be sensible. Seek medical approval if you are unsure*****

Our 30 Minute Classes:

BOXFIT - Train like a boxer without getting punched in the face. Break out your jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts and fancy footwork for a session to work the muscles and burn calories.

BURN - All about the cardio - torch your body and reap the rewards.

CORE - Focused attention on the abdominals, obliques and lower back muscles.

PILATES - Fantastic session to develop enhanced muscular control, balanced strength, improved flexibility, posture and mind:body connection.

RECOVER - foam roller & stretch to release tense muscles & improve flexibility.

RPM - A fantastic class which offers an intense cardiovascular challenge without the impact. Any indoor bike will do the trick.

STRENGTH - Grab some heavy things and lift them! A mix of upper and lower body resistance training.

Live Class Schedule:

RECOVER - Tuesday @ 11.55am.

CORE - Tuesday @ 12.40pm.

RPM - Tuesday @ 1.25pm.

PILATES - Tuesday @ 7.55pm.

STRENGTH - Wednesday @ 11.55am.

BURN - Wednesday @ 12.40pm.

BOXFIT - Thursday @ 8.25am.

STRENGTH - Thursday @ 9.10am.

BURN - Friday @ 8.25am.

CORE - Friday @ 9.10am.


Monday - Friday: 7.00am - 10.00pm

Saturday & Sunday: By Request

Focus 4 Fitness:

Seymour House
30-34 Muspole Street