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Ready For Your Next Challenge?

Welcome to The 42 Mile Marathon Challenge

Winter is coming. Our latest challenge is designed to get you out the door training and help us raise valuable, lifesaving funds in the fight against cancer. With Disney themed prizes to be won, a versatile event snood/buff for every finisher at a price of £7.50 - all of which goes to charity, read on to see how you can sign up to The 42 Mile Marathon Challenge.

How Does It Work?

Loren and I will be completing 42 miles at the Disney Marathon Weekend in January 2023. Over 4 days we will be completing a 5km, a half marathon and a marathon for the American Cancer Society. All funds raised by this challenge (excluding postage), will go directly to our fundraising page. CHECK OUT THE FULL STORY $ SPONSOR A MILE HERE.

We want to give you the chance to experience the distance with us via The 42 Mile Marathon Challenge. And we are giving you a bit longer than 4 days to complete it!

You can walk it, run it, swim it or bike it - just complete your challenge in less than 42 days. Start anytime between now and the 25th of November, and finish 42 days later.

Every finisher will receive :

* a 42 Mile Challenge buff/snood which are handy for a multitude of uses.

* Instant win Disney prizes depending on what entrant number you are. (see below)

* Win Disney spot prizes in our weekly draw (6 draws total)

Have a look at the different distance challenges below.

Challenge 1: Walk it or Run it - 42 miles

Challenge 2: Combine swim, bike, walk and run - 84 miles

Challenge 3: Combine swim, bike, walk and run - 168 miles


Join the challenge NOW!

* CLICK HERE and tell us which challenge you want to enter. and the date you want to start.

* We will send you bank details for your registration fee (£7.50).

* Once your registration fee is paid, you will be given you entrant number. We will notify you if you are an instant prize winner.

* Upon completion, you then send us proof of distance (screenshots or photo's are fine!) and you can collect your snood/buff from us in Norwich or we can arrange to send it to (small extra charge £1 per buff to post).

There are only 240 spaces available so once they are gone, they are gone!

Instant Prize Winners

All winners will be notified by email.

Entrant Number - Winner :

1 - Trudy Sayell

25 - Jo Bygrave

50 - Emma Howes

75 -

100 -

125 -

150 -

175 -

200 -

225 -

Spot Prize Winners

All winners will be notified by email.

Draw Number - Winner :

1 - Heather Dagraca, Jo Forster

2 - Lisa Quinton, Carol Cooper

3 - Jules Roberts, Jane Clarke

4 -

5 -

6 -

Thank you for supporting us! Please tell anyone who will listen to enter the challenge. And please share your journey on Instagram & Facebook!
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